artist statement

I paint light and water, plants, and imaginary sights.


When I look intently at my canvas, I imagine in my mind’s eye silent sceneries, which have been preserved since humans were born.

I have been conscious of continuing deeper into the space to express the air’s presence around lights, water, and plants.


For my creation, I always think of leaving something I made by accident, such as free lines and surfaces using

brushes and pencils, uneven colors and brushstrokes, and dropped paints.

Consequently, I feel the room for imaginations and infinite possibilities in unexpected and unmathematical colors

and shapes made by hand.

I also use airbrushes, screen printings, and mediums to make different forms of details to express my imaginations effectively.

I recently got my interest in photographs reacted by light (cyanotype print) and started painting on photo-prints to compensating for my painting when I can’t paint enough.


Since I was a student, I have been trying to reproduce the reflection on the surface of glasses in my paintings.

As time goes by, my thought of transparent objects has gradually changed and spread to water, lights, and air. Essentially, all of them are and extremely beautiful and indispensable for our lives.

This is why such objects move me; as I get older, I have more important things to protect, and I became more thoughtful to live.


Nowadays, our environment on the earth is polluted, and nature has rapidly destroyed.

I am afraid of invisible radiation, chemicals, and climate changes. My heart ached with the fact that various things

in my childhood memories have disappeared fast.

On the other hand, people can't make our living without energy and daily consumption.

In my mind, I have a feeling of anxiety and concern to the contradiction between our destruction and wasteful spendings; therefore, I am attracted much stronger to clear lights, water, and air, which are essential to protect our life.


My fundamental endless search for my creation is to observe invisible objects about to destroy, pursue missing little beautiful things, and visualize them as paintings.


Makiko Okitsu


Born in Osaka

1982  Graduation from Advance Course Art Department, Kyoto University of Education


solo exhibition

2021  Ⅾohjidai Gallery, Kyoto,Japan

2017  Kuzuha Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2016  GALLERY SPACE PRISM, Aichi, Japan

2015  Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum, Aichi, Japan

2010  Gallery Kei, Mie, Japan

2007  Mie Gallery, Mie, Japan

2006  GALLERY TSUBAKI, Tokyo, Japan

2003  Trix Museum, Mie, Japan


group exhibition

2000 - 2012  Art Forum Mie

1981 - 2003  Shinseisaku Awarded Artists Selection Exhibition



2017  Selected at Art Olympia

2015  Grand Prize, The 8th Kiyosu City Haruhi Painting Triennale

2012  Honorable Mention, The 7th Kiyosu City Haruhi Painting Triennale

2011  Honorable Mention, Kitano-Daichi Biennale

1989  Honorable Mention, The 39th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition

1998  First Prize, Morikazu Kumagai First Prize



The Ueno Royal Museum

Morikazu Kumagai Museum of Art

Kiyosu City Haruhi Art Museum